[nonchalance?] NONCHALANCE is here
From: whatis (whatisnonchalance.com)
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 13:28:30 -0800
Oh My Goodness, Friends!
It has been so long!  You are receiving this message because you were on the old “whatis [at] nonchalance.com” mailing list.

We're trying to move patrons of nonchalance over to another fresher more enticing new list, which you can join here:
or here: http://www.nonchalance.com  (right there at the bottom of the page).

In the mean time, we’d like you to know:
We are play testing on IOS app based activity on Monday at 5pm in central Oakland. 
The details are here, and you can RSVP via Messenger.

I know, we are straight-faced on social media! 
Weird!!  While we’re at it, go ahead and follow us:

Thanks so much for your ongoing support.  
More events and fun are around the corner.  
Hope to see you Monday!

Ya keep on,
/// JBH

: :   n o n c h a l a n c e 
: :   jeff [at] nonchalance.com
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